When did Pajamas become Clothes?

When did this become acceptable? Are people actually that lazy? What happened to self respect and pride in your appearance? I hope this guy (yes, that’s a guy) found some on Aisle 7.

My friend Shirley Joan once told me that she never left the house without earrings. Even if it was just a quick errand, she never went out looking like a slob, and she always wore earrings. And so do I.

I believe if you can put on pajamas, you can put on CLOTHES! Just how comfortable do you need to get? I’m all about ‘to each his/her own’ and ‘whatever floats your boat,’ but Damn!


2 thoughts on “When did Pajamas become Clothes?

  1. That is a very fashonable statement in the midwest, Indiana especially. Stacey wondered why her and her sister were pointed at and laughed at when she came down in 2006. Just yesterday I saw a gathering to teenagers at Walmart, so attired. Hope it ends soon.

  2. I am with you on this. Reminds me of seeing folks with their pants almost to their ankles. I think they are to be arrested for wearing pants like that and showing their smelly drawers. What’s up with folks? Don’t they know how to look decent any more?

    Got a nice chuckle out of your post.

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