Understand What They’re Sayin’?

Float On is an R&B oldie sung by The Floaters. The four singers are talking about what they like in a woman. The lyrics appear to be straightforward, but I’ve thought about it and have come to the conclusion that the lyrics are not quite complete. The real meaning appears to have been left out, but I have broken the code.

Sunset at Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica

The song came out in the 70s and I guess guys thought that women really cared about what they wanted back then, cause they made a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go.

Ralph likes a woman who loves her freedom and can hold her own. What he really means is I hope you love your freedom cause you’re going to have a lot of it. I’m not going to be around much, so you’re going to need to hold things down until I feel like coming around.

Charles likes a woman who’s quiet and carries herself like Miss Universe. What he really means is I really don’t want to hear you talking. Speak when spoken to, don’t have any kind of personality, and please carry yourself like some stuck-up beauty pageant contestant.

Paul likes all women of the world and sees all women as wild flowers . What he really means is he’s a ‘ho’. He likes/wants any and all women and intends to pick as many ‘wild flowers’ as he can.

Larry likes a woman who loves everything and everybody
because he loves everybody and everything. This one should be very clear. Larry is the Freak of the Week. He loves everything and everybody? He has no taste, no discrimination. He just does everybody and everything [to and with everybody] . And he wants his woman to be the same way? Some serious ‘et cetera’ going on at Larry’s crib.

So if you fit that description, if you understand what they’re saying, if you feel that is you, then by all means Float On. Aah Hah-ahh-ahh.


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