I (think I) Know Why the Caged Bird Has Anxiety Attacks

I’ve been snowed in since Monday. I’m tired of the snow. I’m tired of the weather reports and pictures about the snow. I moved to Atlanta to get away from the snow. It wasn’t supposed to snow down here, not like this. Since I’ve lived here, I think it’s only snowed like this maybe three times.

Anyway, I was  excited to get OutOfTheHouse. Get some sunshine and fresh air. I decided to drive downtown to return a library book and purchase the books for my class this semester. A lot of cars were on the highway and traffic was moving well. I was groovin’, blasting the radio and singing “Never Too Much” with Luther when I felt it coming on. That feeling of fear and dread, that pounding heart. I turned the radio down, opened the windows, started breathing deeply, and looked for a place to pull over in case I lost my mind and couldn’t remember who I was and where I was going.

Pretty scary, but at least it was long. The anxiety subsided and my heart rate went back to normal. Whew. I turned the radio up, a little. I opened the windows, a crack. I started humming. My exit is coming up and so is anxiety attack #2. What the fuck? Same routine – turn the radio down, open the windows, breathe deeply.

Anxiety Attacks are a Major Peeve. I’m pretty sure that being in the house for four days and forgetting what to do when I got out was what brought this on. Not to mention any other psychological crap that may be going on.

And I guess this next observation is nothing to hold on to, but what’s wrong with these pictures? I’ll tell you.


I’m at the store, stocking up for the big storm. It’s colder than a well digger’s ass outside, and these people are in SHORTS. I don’t understand.

And this picture? The snow is not completely off the ground. It’s the first sunny day above freezing. Ice patches are everywhere, and this chick is wearing her 5-inch-heel club boots (and she’s not the only one I saw today wearing boots like this). Her friend, however, is booted appropriately and will probably be very successful in life as she is clearly capable of making good decisions.

I’m kinda glad to be back in the house and not on the road, but I will give it another go tomorrow. And I’m glad I can round out the day with my new passion, Blue Bell Rainbow (orange, lime, & strawberry) Sherbet.


2 thoughts on “I (think I) Know Why the Caged Bird Has Anxiety Attacks

  1. ican truly relate. Hang in there. People in Nap wear shorts in the winter also not to mention the other crazy gear. Anxiety aint no joke.either.

  2. We got 30 inches of snow on Wednesday, and it is -1*. Why do I live here?! And, yesterday kids were heading off to school in hoodies and shorts.

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