Krispy Kreme Crisis

I was in a hurry to get out of Wal-Mart so I could rush to Krispy Kreme before they closed. I almost went into sugarless shock when I got there and found out that some of my favorite donuts were not available. No sour creme cake, no krullers, no chocolate-covered cake. I was a little peeved. I asked the clerk about it and she said that my favorite varieties were discontinued. She said the employees were given no reason; those varieties just weren’t being offered any more. Now I’m more peeved.

I took my five hot glazed donuts, went home and looked on the Web site for information about discontinuing varieties, but there was nothing. I filled out the customer comment form, but that didn’t satisfy me. So I called customer service at 1-800-4krispy the next day and spoke with Kim. She explained that the donut varieties are optional, and seven varieties rotate. What is sold at each store is at the discretion of the manager and can be based on customer demand.

So, if your favorite Krispy Kreme variety disappears, speak up. Make a call, complete a survey, make a demand. Maybe your favorites will get reenlisted. I haven’t been back to Krispy Kreme. Of course, it’s only been since Friday. And I’m snowed in.


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