12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Mom by Eliza Marston

I saved this list by Eliza Marston from the May 2005 issue of Glamour magazine, but I don’t necessarily like the title. Should can be a judgmental word when it means a person ought to be other than who they are or do something other than what they are doing at present, and that’s probably not the case here. According to dictionary.com , the main function of “should” in modern American English is to express duty or necessity. I’m just not crazy about the word.

You are not duty bound, and it may not even be necessary to ask your mother any of these questions. You may already have the answers, you may hesitate to ask her for whatever reason, or you may not care to know.

I know the answers to two of these questions; I have yet to ask my mother the other 10.

  1. Her birthday and what she wants for it.
  2. What her best friend knows about her that you don’t.
  3. The song that makes her dance, the movie that makes her cry, and the book she’s read seven times.
  4. Where she hides her jewelry.
  5. The one thing she’d really love to do, just the two of you.
  6. How she’s managed to keep that plant alive for 20 years.
  7. Exactly how you push her buttons . . .
  8. . . . and how to make her stop pushing yours.
  9. The Dirty Harry line she used on that kid who bullied you when you were five.
  10. How she makes her famous Bloody Mary.
  11. All the things she’s tried over the years to influence the shape of her body, and whether any of them worked.
  12. Who and what else she is, and ever was, besides your mom.

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